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Lyricists Wanted


Lyricists (Specialist)

Type of Job: Lyricists (Specialist)
Description: We seek talented, imaginative lyricists specialized in lyric-writing in the English language. (Who is NOT REALLY A MUSICIAN.)

For future collaboration with our composers/songwriters.

Standard royalty split.

High degree of language/literature dexterity (like Shakespeare's or whatever superior), exceptional imagination married with expressiveness & originality in spoken English is the key. Lyrics must have some kind of nobility.

Not seeking immediately. Collaboration work only starts on demand.
Requirements: Professional workability (basic business skills, dedication, availability, dependability, etc.)
Exceptional talent in original lyric writing and story telling.
Dexterity in English language, literature (esp. poetry) and lyric-writing techniques (rhymes etc.).
Background in any of professional English writing is a plus (poetry, plays etc.).
Creativity and originality is the primary factor in consideration.
Artistic elements must reside in the works.
Previous professional experience as a lyricist is not necessarily required.
Notes: We seek only the lyricists in the high standard, who are the likes of Bernie Taupin, etc.

At this moment lyricists are slow in demand because our composers/songwriters are also lyricists.  We are only interested in exceptional specialists.
Submission: Please send sample lyrics in any prevalent, readable file forms (text, PDF etc.) by e-mail with accompanying document describing yourself in the same readable file.

If you don't like to send by electronic delivery, you can send by traditional mail to the address described below.

We only read your lyrics, so please don't send your other literature works.

*Sorry, we don't return any documents received.

About Submission

If the sample lyrics you are sending are too many to attach to a single e-mail, then please zip them into a reasonable packet amount or split them in volumes and send them separately. Basically we accept Text, Word, PDF format. Light weight is always welcome.

Please E-mail Your Submission to:

Lyricists Wanted E-mail:
Regarding "Lyricists Wanted":

If you prefer traditional mail

Please Send Your Submission Materials to:

Submission Address:
Muse Fresco Production, Japan Office
Lyricists Wanted, A & R North America

25 Enokido, Nawa-machi, Tokai, Aichi, Japan 476-0002


  • Attach your personal info fully: complete address (including country name), real full name, rigid/steady e-mail address, telephone number or any necessary info.
  • We only use your personal information when we work with you.
  • All submission in NON-RETURNABLE.
  • We only contact when we are interested.

For any question, please e-mail to:

Lyricists Wanted E-mail:
Regarding "Lyricists Wanted":
Muse Fresco Production, Lyricists Wanted

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